4 Doors More You know

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4 Doors More You know

***FINAL UPDATE*** 12/20/21

We have officially donated $2500.00 to the Freekyleusa.org foundation and it was all because of y'all! Thanks!!

***UPDATE ***12/6/21 10:30 AM

We have officially slowed down on sales, and as of now all orders are packed and shipped. We officially sold 238 Patches and will be donating $2380.00 to the man in the image of the patch. We will do a final update once the donation has been made! Thanks for everyones support!

***UPDATE*** 11/20/21 2:00 PM

Since the news broke our mission has raised over 2000$ as of now. I just ordered another 100 of these.

And since the money may not be needed for a legal fund we will advise he use it for a new Pew Pew of his choosing. But it's ultimately his decision on how he will spend the money. We will document on our social media pages the total raised and when donation was sent for transparency.

Thanks y'all!

You know what it is. All profits go to his legal defense fund. We will make as many as needed to help the kid out.

We're all on trial right now.